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Technology-Enabled Services

NavAbility Mapper

Map Building at Enterprise Scale

Fusion of raw sensor data from robots, people, and blueprints into a cohesive shared map for decision-making on a global level.

Leverage our public cloud to get started instantly and lower your cost of ownership for projects ranging from construction mapping to warehouse automation.

Navigation, simplified.

    • Scalable: Enterprise mapping with next-generation SLAM, from one robot to hundreds
    • Robust: Our integrated cloud-based SLAM solver ensures easy, automated stitching to give you the right answers even with imperfect data
    • Multi-sensor: Support for a variety of data types to provide you with a tailored solution irrespective of your sensor choices
    • Multi-agent: Build, solve, and share maps from many agents across many sessions – one global map for unparalleled navigation

NavAbility Accelerator

Reduce your time to market

Learn and experiment with SLAM by leveraging a scalable cloud solver. Start a long run, go home, and the morning your simulations will be ready for analysis! Never wait on a shared HPC cluster again!

    • Multi-language: Support for Julia and Python, with more languages in the near future
    • Robust: Parametric and next-generation non-Gaussian SLAM solving in one solution
    • Scale-Ready: A trustworthy solution from your first project to hundreds of pizza-delivery robots

NavAbility Technology Enabled Services

Reduce Project Risk

From cradle to grave, we are here to help. With depth of experience in both industry and academics, we are uniquely positioned to make your project a success from day one. Engage with us for project based exploratory studies or ongoing subscription based success journeys.

    • Exploratory studies: Leverage our expertise to explore the next-generation of robotics
    • Solution development: Add our specialists to your team to accelerate the development of your robotics applications
    • On-demand consulting: The NavAbility team have years of experience with strategy, development, and troubleshooting of your SLAM solution

NavAbility Ecosystem

NavAbility Integrations

NavAbility is working to accelerate your development time by supporting widely-used robotics framework right out the box. More to follow soon!

NavAbility SDKs

The NavAbility SDKs provide simple ways to quickly integrate the NavAbility ecosystem into your Python, Julia, and Javascript applications.

NavAbility APIs

The NavAbility API gives you a powerful way to query your globally indexed data for all your robots. Imagine instantly querying all stop signs that your self-driving robots saw yesterday in a Paris sized graph - that's the power of the NavAbility API!

NavAbility Core

The heart of the NavAbility ecosystem is Caesar.jl, a cutting-edge open-source multimodal SLAM solver. No opaque trade secrets or vendor lock-in. You can read the code, validate the algorithms, trust the solution, and rest assured in its continual community-driven development.

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