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Announcing the NavAbility tutorials

We’re excited to announce the NavAbility tutorials, which demonstrate how real-world robot navigation challenges (like false loop-closures and distributing computations) are addressed using the NavAbility platform.

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ICRA Update: One Week to Go, Preparing Tutorials and SDKs​

We’re just about ready and looking forward to our workshop on May 27th at ICRA the premier robotics conference, IEEE’s International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Philadelphia! We encourage anyone who is interested in building robotic systems to come meet or visit us in Philadelphia during the ICRA week.

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Coming soon: Marine surface vehicle example using radar for localization

We’re excited to present a preview of an application example that demonstrates marine surface vehicle navigation solution using only radar. This is applicable to a variety of use-cases, from docking marine vehicles through to navigation of industrial indoor robots… And yes, self-driving too.

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