NavAbility empowes the future of construction by allowing previously underutilized design data during the on-site building process. Conducting regular reviews and surveying during a build is critical to ensuring a successful construction project. However, it is often difficult to conduct as builds are highly dynamic and it takes significant time for data to be compared with digital designs. Hard copy blueprints are still the norm. NavAbiility allows data from the edge produced by human operators and automous vehicles to feed data into the cloud for realtime data tethering. Users in the home office can then monitor and audit the build as it progresses.

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Industri4 delivers a novel robotics demonstration in record time


NavAbility empowers the future of marine autonomy with solutions that excel against the technical challenges found in this space. Our technology is robust against poor sensor data, limited connectivity, and swarm operations. NavAbility can assist with a wide range of marine applications from autonomous surface vehicle coordination, underwater farming, through to offshore oil and gas maintenance.

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Navigation without GPS


NavAbility empowes the future of manufacturing by ensuring automation can be implemented quickly and safely. Our technology is inherently robust to many of the challenges found in this space. We also recognize that calibration and initialization of a new robot in the system can be laborious or require downtime. Our solutions aim to eliminate wasteful initialization and on boarding procedures and get your automated factory moving quickly.

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