Meaning of the NavAbility Logo

The NavAbility logo carries special meaning.  NavAbility has a firm belief that the future of AI and robotics will depend on the combination of People and Knowledge.  We believe that people develop and grow value through a virtuous cycle.  Similarly, ideas develop into knowledge through another virtuous cycle.  These two infinite virtuous cycles are combined, people on the horizontal, and knowledge along the vertical, as the symbolic meaning of our logo.

People: A Virtuous Cycle between the Community and Industry

A virtuous cycle is a chain of complicated events that reinforces repetition of the cycle, and if balanced and well managed can establish a steady engine of productivity.  NavAbility is working to bring Community and Industry together, through a process of managing risk, to the benefit of society.  

The Community is home to anyone just starting out in robotics or who is a seasoned expert, and includes folks who prioritize social interaction, new technology, problem solving, and expanding capabilities.  By investing in people, we can develop the means towards a sustainable and empowered future where automation, AI, and robotics raise the standard of living for everyone.

Industry is home to everything that we need to survive in our modern lives.  Whether it is construction of your new home, your job, where you buy your car, your phone, or advances in agriculture, and so much more.  Survival means timeliness and developing opportunities to adapt and grow.

NavAbility is working to bridge the gap between Community and Industry, to solve important problems faster and more effectively.  To promote a future where everyone can benefit and contribute back in their own unique and talented ways.  This is the horizontal cycle of the NavAbility logo.

Knowledge: A Virtuous Cycle between Ideas and Science

The vertical cycle of the NavAbility logo is a second virtuous cycle involving the necessary Knowledge for developing robotic systems that help both society and our planet.  Knowledge not only empowers education, but inspires new ideas which are vital in driving the virtuous cycle of progress and growth.

Creativity is not something that anyone can own.  It’s something that happens when the conditions are right.  Creativity is fueled through inspiration from previous ideas, and is expressed through available technology and resources.  New ideas overcome barriers and solve vital problems faced by industry today, yet so rarely are the connections made.  Creativity thrives in openness and fairness.

Science is dictated by budgets.  Research proposals and intellectual property ownership is subject to finance.  Science is not creativity.  Science is the verification and cataloging of new ideas into a format that is reproducible, reliable, and the basis for investment.  Science is an artform by which new readers can more quickly understand the knowledge that exists, and go out to creatively explore new solutions.

NavAbility values knowledge and the process by which knowledge is created.  NavAbility is working to foster solutions for both Community and Industry that rely on knowledge to function in this high tech domain.  NavAbility accepts a hybrid approach where openness and commercial interests can work together to develop a more sustainable future and higher standard of living for all.

Our NavAbility Logo