We're updating the NavAbility Cloud!

In preparation for our tutorials at ICRA2022 (join us on May 27th in person or by remote on Gather.Town!) NavAbility is excited to announce the deployment of our first official production environment of NavAbility Cloud. Our mission is to enable more vibrant robotics automation and this is an important step in empowering our community with a reliable, stable, and secure NavAbility Cloud.

These changes will enable exciting upcoming features such as automated calibration, big data integration, and simplified user authentication. More to follow as we release these features!

Timeframe and Affected Services

The deployment will begin at 8:00pm PST on April 14, 2022. You may experience some instability of existing environments during the deployment as we cut various services over into production.

Once the deployment is complete, we will announce it in ‘general_help’ on the NavAbility Slack channel. After that announcement, you should switch to using NavAbility Cloud via the following URLs:

As a consequence of this deployment, we will be asking our existing users to recreate their user accounts. Please go to https://app.navability.io, click login and then sign up. If you need your existing data migrated to your new account, please email us at support@navability.io by May 13, 2022.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we take this milestone step in our journey.