The construction industry is experiencing a wave of automation – from walk-through scanning to integrated design with Building Information Modelling.

At NavAbility, we’re working with Industri4 to reinvent how that raw data is transformed from disparate scans into actionable information.

Sensor Data to Operational Overviews

Diverse Data To Actionable Information

From surveying through LIDAR visualizations to human walk-throughs, all this invaluable data can be readily consumed to build a single unified map, even from imperfect data.

Automated Data Stitching

Automated Stitching of All Data

Our powerful cloud services automatically stitch the data into a single map for visualization and can be fed back into your CAD tool of choice.

Powerful Algorithms With Integrated Anomaly Detection

Drive Costs Down and Add Value with Automation

NavAbility's powerful algorithms automatically identify areas of concern, such as construction issues, which can be fed directly into your workflow software.

Transforming Discarded Data into Design Optimization

Surveying is an essential, but costly, process. At present, the data is primarily used for immediate goals and cursory visualization.

Imagine if that data:

    • Automatically streamed into a protected cloud system
    • Seamlessly aligned with all the previous scans and was converted into a single holistic map of the construction site
    • Provided a continuously-updated map that minimized the cost of surveying from various sensor platforms to give a comprehensive operational view of your project
    • Detected actionable anomalies that were fed back into your design software

The NavAbility cloud provides these features, ready to use.

More Information

We are looking for partners in the construction and Built Environment industry to build this into disruptive customer solutions.

If you’re in surveying or design and you’re looking for an immediate way to provide additional customer value while cutting costs, reach out to us at!

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